13533057_10209327771052648_6979799741741300977_nBrainstorm Cafe:
Known for their creativity and ability to produce revenue for the companies they work for, Brainstorm Cafe has been a full service design and marketing agency in the Smoky Mountains for nearly 20 years. Creative direction, video and photography editing are completed for Squadron 4 by Brainstorm Cafe.
http://www.brainstormcafe.com 865-908-0650





Friendly-Falls-72dpi-sizedFriendly Falls Events:
Meet Clyde Rennie, our Squadron 4 flyer! Clyde Rennie and Tina Plunk own Friendly Falls Events on Wears Valley Road. Waterfall weddings, rehearsal dinners, sports teams, tour buses are welcome at Friendly Falls.



DSC00696-1024x768Novel Ideas Co:
What to do with those pretty photographs you just received from Squadron 4? How about some promo items using your photos? We can do postcards, rack cards, greeting cards, Christmas cards, you name it! Let us talk to you about the many ways we can help you use your cool new photos.